Musgos is an instrumental project exploring the landscapes of experimental post-rock that relates itself with visuals, dance and other areas of art.

The bass haves the central part of the musical creation, it can deliver rhythmic, structurally driven music, or also can be an improvisation being ephemeral and free.

The main purpose is making original music accompanied by experimental films. The dissonant and arrhythmic rhythms are the key, giving origin to a sound track of the relation of Nature and Men.

Delivers a part of rigid studied structural compositions (microcosm) and other part more free, by improvisation(Macrocosm) using the language of music .The elements can vary, as a trio of bass guitar and drums, duo of Drums and bass or simply with bass. Normally with the company of the super8 footage

More than anything music is a need as vital as breathing, we inspire reality and expire our sensitivity through Art.

The thematic relates with nature and the personal experiences. What makes this music refreshing is the way that it uses sound as a painter uses the brush, to create a landscape. Creates an abstract feeling were the audience can have their one interpretation/imagination.

The visuals are something that is part of us. We mainly work with analogue formats, which make each of our shows singular and poetic.


This all started more seriously ten years ago in Portugal with Roberto Afonso (guitar player), Miguel Sampaio (drums) and me Tiago Margaca, bass. A few years before this formation, the need of music made me start composing through the bass - an unusual instrument for this task (normally the bass is seen as a complement of the guitar or other instruments). By luck or destiny, these two wonderful musicians put in the hard work that my compositions require. Three years after recording and having a few gigs in Portugal I decided to come to Berlin to learn how to develop super8 film. And I had the good fortune of having a great guitar player and a true friend willing to come with me for this musical adventure.

We tested a few drummers and finally meet Erickson Gonzalez. After two years playing around in Berlin we recorded a five-track-demo.

After Roberto a new guitar player Phil Loof join the band. With this new formation we worked together for three years, recorded an E.P., shot a video clip in super-8 film format and performed mainly in Berlin and Hamburg.

In the fall 2014 Phil decided to concentrate on his own project and Damian Sardo joined us on the guitar we played around Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden. We recorded a demo of seven tracks and played in the two of the biggest clubs in Berlin (Lido and SO36).

Now I play regularly solo or accompanied by invited musicians, recently made a tour in Portugal and preparing the upcoming concerts. At the moment Musgos is in studio preparing its first album with several collaborations.

Thanks to all this wonderful people that supported grew and let me grew as a musician, with good and bad moments allowed me to become a better person.